Business Presentation Skills | Public Speaking | Communication Skills

A one or two day presentation skills workshop at your company for staff, managers, trainers and clients - presentation skills course facilitated by an award-winning professional speaker

Business presentations in boring boardrooms at monotonous meetings can be a frightful experience and many corporate employees fear it more than death. All of us will land into this situation some or other time and public speaking should be a friend, not a foe. Presentation skills courses will enhance communication skills; lead to effective presentations and ultimately to accomplished careers.

Our presentation skill course is facilitated by a popular professional motivational speaker and the training includes both theory, but more importantly 40 best practices and practical exercises in the following key result areas:

  • Beat the butterflies in your belly
  • Encapsulate the audience in 90 seconds
  • The presenter is more important than PowerPoint
  • Launch your voice
  • Tickle the funny bones with humour
  • Body language outshine eloquence
  • Telling stories are always a winner
  • Pregnant pauses are powerful
  • Eye contact establish credibility
  • Handling questions and answers
  • Defuse disruptions
  • Create maps for the mind
  • Sticking to the time
  • Room arrangements and technical tips
  • Pitch a perfect presentation
  • Feedback that fire you up

Download "Polishing Your Presentation Skills" as an electronic E-magazine with flip-pages, zoom facility, full colour photographs, primary learning objectives, facilitation facets, workshop outline and more about Estienne de Beer who delivers and facilitates this training.